~Bunny Cruel~ (Copyright © 2008-2016)
~Bunny Cruel~ (Copyright © 2008-2016)

Last Update: February 03. 2013

NEW sound: 「春・HYPE」



New sound: 「春・HYPE」!!

Listen now to it on SoundCloud!!



Listen @ SoundCloud



FREE: Angel Wings (Version 2009)



The Song "Angel WIngs" from 2009 is now free to get on SoundCloud!!

Download it now!!



Download @ SoundCloud



PREVIEW for new Song: 夢Land

Preview of the Guitar-Solo to the new Song: Land

Listen now to it on SoundCloud!!


Lisen @ SoundCloud




生命光☆Seimei Hikari on "Geisha's Finest - second voice"!!

Geisha's Finest - second voice [front]
Geisha's Finest - second voice [front]


生命光Seimei Hikari on the "Geisha's Finest - second voice", produced by VISUAL CULTURE (http://visualcultureparty.blogspot.com/), with the song "Angel Wings 「Version 2011」"!!


The CD's are limited (only still 72x available!!) and will cost:

5€ + 2€ for shipping to Germany;

$6,62 + $2,65 shipping to world wide.

(If you wish, with autograph and dedication.)


Order now at seimei_hikari@arcor.de or here in the shop section http://shinju.jimdo.com/shop/!!


Gesiha's Finest - second voice [back]
Gesiha's Finest - second voice [back]

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